Meet Birdhouse

  • The First Robotic FPV Airport for Consumer Drones
  • Installs Outside, Connects to Your TV Inside
  • Patent Pending / Prototype Stage
  • Compatible with the DJI Phantom 3+ and Others
  • Remote, Weathertight Shelter & Flight Deck
  • Full Automation & 2-stage Telepresence
  • Random Access to an 8-mile Hemisphere
  • On-demand, Immersive Virtual Flight
  • Your Drone as a Service, Always RTF

Hold 2 Play

Tap 2 Click
Closed, rolltop opening


Hold 2 Play

Tap 2 Click
Pre-flight, sensor mast extending


Hold 2 Play

Tap 2 Click
Launch sequence, deck rising


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Flight deck graphic runway 1 runway 2 runway 3 runway 4 runway 5

Keep an on Things ...

Follow the prototyping effort as Birdhouse iterates to an MVP.
Mark Schmick, grinning behind a dust mask at Techshop SF
Mark Schmick



30 yrs Software Engineer

15 yrs Paraglider Pilot

5 yrs UAV Pilot

3 yrs Maker


Sorry, just "I" in "team" so far ...

As a paraglider, I mistook early drone videos for helmet-cam footage; the elevation, speed, & visual parallax were so familiar! As a drone pilot, this led to frustration with FPV tablets: tiny, washed-out screens belying the grandeur of a drone's actual view. Birdhouse leverages the full bandwidth of modern uplinks by connecting them to a worthy display—your home theatre.


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Co-located at Techshop San Francisco. 17K ft2 of Makerspace, $2.5M of fabrication equipment.